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From now on, it is required that all adults (young, middle-aged, and older) living in or visiting the Flemish Brabant areas must always have a face mask with them. This was decided by the governor of Flemish Brabant, Lodewijk De Witte in order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

“We want to prevent residents from using the excuse that they don’t have a mouth mask in their pocket.” – governor, Lodewijk De Witte

According to the corona figures, the infections are on the rise and many municipalities have exceeded the threshold of 20 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. People who go into public places are going to be exposed to the possibility of contacting the virus and suddenly have to wear a mouth mask to protect themselves. Due to this, the local authority has decided to make having a mouth mask obligatory in Flemish Brabant. There is however no penalty for not having a mouth mask with you. The obligation is to ensure that people can always a mouth mask with them.

This is an additional measure to the already existing measures.

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