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It’s getting to the end of a ‘corona-year’ – the year where coronavirus (COVID-19) is the major topic of discussion and which it had a major impact in all of our lives all over the world. The end of the year, which is mostly the Christmas holiday, will be different. Therefore, the city of Leuven has planned some corona-safe activities during this period.

Here are the events. Remember, in Leuven, we are ‘Always Together’ (Even Apart, Altijd Samen)

  • Christmas atmosphere in the city. This involves 5 nativity scenes on the Grote Markt, Becker-Remyplein (Kessel-Lo), Sint-Agathaplein (Wilsele), Van Arenbergplein (Heverlee), and Sint-Hadrianuskerk (Wijgmaal); a winter garden on the Grote Markt; and more than 1,000,000 lights around the city until January 4, 2021.
  • Story hunters. Walk with impressive Leuven audio stories for the whole family. Leuven is full of crazy stories. Hunt with your bubble and find the 6 stops in our city. At each stop, let yourself be carried away with a wonderful story or a haunting history. The voices are probably familiar to you: mayor Mohamed Ridouani, Nicolas, Sien and Gloria van Ketnet, Lennaert Maes and radio producer Tom De Cock! You can view the 6 stops on the map. It is free to participate and each story lasts for 5 to 7 minutes. When you get to a stop, you will find a sign with QR code. Scan the code with a smartphone and listen to the story.
  • Digital Year-End Corrida. This year, the end of year corrida in the city center goes online and in your own neighborhood. This event occurs between December 26, 2020, and January 2, 2021. To participate, download the free Strava app via App Store or Google Play. After you do, join the club ‘Team Leuven‘ to participate in the event ‘Digital End of Year Corrida‘ (Digitale Eindejaarscorrida 2020). During the event, you can run/walk either 4km, 8km or 12km in your own neighborhood. Any activity you register with Strava is automaticaaly added to the club or event. To put this in perspective, during last year’s traditional corrida, people ran/walked 50,000km together.
  • Winter walks through Leuven. This involves things like nature tour, nature bingo, yoga and treasure hunt for children and adults. It’s free to participate. There are 4 starting locations in Leuven. You can view these location on the map. These walks includes Dijlewolven learning path, Nature Bingo, Treasure hunt and Winter wonder tree.

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