Is your bicycle lost or stolen? If yes, the normal way to go about getting it back is to stop by at the police station during their opening hours. However, this might take you a while. This is because you have to look through a lot of bicycles and may not find yours.

Now you can easily visit to check if your bicycle was found. This saves you unnecessary time finding your bike. It also prevents people from reporting bicycle theft while it was just misplaced somewhere else. is an online bicycle management system which makes Leuven the first city in Belgium with a real bicycle management system.

The bicycles listed on the online management system are the ones taken by the police, those removed by the employees of KU Leuven and those by Velo. They do this for reasons such as improper parking of your bike, stolen bikes that are dumped somewhere, bicycles wrecks left behind in the bicycle shed or on the streets for many months, etc.

If you happen to find your bicycle on the website, you just need to go to the right location to pick it up. However, you will need to provide the right proof that it is really your bike.

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