The city of Leuven debuts a new visual and corporate identity that conveys what Leuven stands for. The administration launched the new logo and house style in order to really present Leuven’s current identity.

The former logo was launched in 2009 and was due for renewal. This is because Leuven is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Thus, Leuven deserves a new visual representation that presents it as a cohesive, authentic, and inspiring brand.

Here is the new visual and corporate identity.

What Does Leuven Stand for?

Leuven stands for these 6 key identities.

  • A warm city where 170 nationalities are at home and work together.
  • Open, uninhibited and groundbreakingly innovative.
  • A city of infinite possibilities, which would rather say yes than no.
  • A city where you feel a young, fresh dynamism.
  • A city in motion, which constantly renews itself, is never finished.
  • A city that thinks about the future, with respect for the past.

How Did Leuven came about these identities?

A survey/research was conducted to find out what makes Leuven special and unique. The participants in the survey are Leuven residents, visitors, companies, associations, city staff, and many others. The almost 700 participants described their views about what is ‘typically Leuven’. The findings from the research were grouped which resulted in the 6 key identities.

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