pink garbage bag

According to the city of Leuven, the pink garbage bag will disappear from use starting the 1st of March 2021. From then on, the contents of the pink garbage bag can be placed in a new blue bag (PMD).

In addition to this, the pink garbage bag will no longer be accepted at the recycling parks. It is therefore recommended that people stop buying more pink bags than necessary.

Starting on the 1st of March 2021, EcoWerf will introduce the new blue PMD bag. The new blue garbage bag is similar to the current one however, the content is different. In this new blue garbage bag, the P in PMD no longer stands for ‘plastic bottles and flasks’ but now also includes ‘plastic packaging’.

Where to buy the new blue bag?

You will be able to buy the new blue bag in the town hall and in various shops and department stores. You can still use the current PMD garbage bag while you are still in the process of getting the new ones.

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