World Cycling Championships 2021

It is no more news that the World Cycling Championships are coming to Leuven, Belgium! The big news, however, is that Leuven has never hosted a major sporting event. This means the duration of the championships is going to be huge and a one big cycling party in Leuven, for Leuvenaars and everyone else.

Competitions and course in Leuven

The World Cycling Championships start September 23 and lasts till September 26, 2021. The following is what is in the schedule.

Thursday, September 23, 2021: Course reconnaissance. Starts at 9.30 am and ends around 12.30 pm.

Friday September 24, 2021: Road race juniors men. Starts at 8.15 am and ends around 11.15 pm.

Road race U23 men. Starts at 1.25 pm and ends around 5.40 pm.

Saturday September 25, 2021: Road race junior women. Starts at 8.15 am and ends around 10.15 pm.

Road race elite women. Starts at 12.20 pm and ends around 4.45 pm.

Sunday, September 26, 2021: Road race elite men. Starts at 10.25 am and ends around 5 pm.

There will be 5 road stages where the riders (U23 men, junior women, junior men, elite women, and elite men) will do some local laps. The finish is always on the slightly sloping Geldenaaksevest.

Make sure you enjoy the one big party that is the World Cycling Championships 2021!

You also can see almost everywhere along the course. For an extra cycling atmosphere, you can visit the fan zones for a snack and a drink, for a nice chat, and of course to follow the races: on the big screen or up close when the riders pass.

How to Get to Leuven for the World Cycling Championships 2021

The center is difficult to reach by car. Come as much as possible on foot, by bike or by public transport.

Preferably park your bicycle outside the ring road. An extra bicycle shed will be built at the front of the OHL stadium (Tervuursevest).

Can’t come by bike? Then you have to park outside the city. Center and peripheral car parks are difficult to reach from 23 to 26 September 2021. There will be parking for visitors outside the ring road, but it is limited. Follow the signs on the approach roads.

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